Pokémon Go reportedly to forbidden in India for violating religious outlooks

Pokmon Go reportedly to forbidden in India for violating religious outlooks

Pokemon Go since its release has kept on grabbing the headlines and has turned out to be an international sensation. The AR-based game is reported to witness 75 million downloads within 19 days of its launch in July, overwhelming the gaming world with extreme pace. Now, the parental company Nintendo is planning to launch the game in other countries, including India, China, South Korea, and Saudi Arabia.

But before its arrival in India, the game is reported to face legal trouble. The location-based AR game is accounted for to infringe the religious edge in India, which in the end prompted the infringement of religious slants of individuals. A city resident, Alay Anil Dave is reported to file a petition of Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in the Gujarat High Court against the developers of Pokémon Go seeking for the ban of the game in India. According to the claims filed in the petition, “Depicting/describing/showing an egg at the places of worship(s) where pious prayers are offered is thoroughly obnoxious and it hurts the religious sentiments of many religions, and it further tries to destroy the cultural fabric of India.”

Nachiket Dave, the advocate of Alay Anil Dave, the petitioner, said, “By doing so, the game is trying to strike at the root of individuality and existence of Hindu religion and many other religions. The aspects of privacy, security concerns and accidents taking place due to it are serious and grave issues.”

In the petition, Mr. Dave also claims that the government should ask the developers to leave the places like memorials, cemeteries, and temples.

Here the question arises that, would the developers while designing Pokemon Have ever thought of not putting a creature inside the boundaries of temples or other worship places, just because it violates the tenets of some devotees?

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