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Pokemon GO just went “Lucky” and might bring you back to the game

Pokemon GO, one of the most talked about games ever which made the whole world crazy faded away some time back. The intensity of the craze kept decreasing while loyal players still kept sticking to it. In order to gain the fans back, Pokemon GO has come up with a surprising new feature!

Recently, the most loved game just got a little surprise update, wide-ranging with an inquisitive new feature: “Lucky” Pokémon.

Most things in Pokémon GO are amended from things that already exist in the Pokémon universe. Items like incense, lucky eggs and the like all exist in the main Pokémon series, though what these items actually do tends to be a bit different in the game.

Lucky Pokémon, is a new concept altogether.

So what are they? And how are they different from existing Shiny Pokémon?

Shiny Pokémon is rare distinctions of existing Pokémon with colours that are different from the custom look. For example, maybe you tap on your 398th Dratini and see that now it’s bright pink instead of the standard blue. You might casually tap a Minun to find that it has green ears instead of blue or an Aron with red eyes instead of blue. It’s an amusing way to keep players tapping on Pokémon even after their Pokédex is precisely complete. The modifications are only skin deep, though; beyond the visual shift, Shiny Pokémon is normally functioning the same as their non-shiny version.

The new “Lucky” Pokémon, meanwhile, doesn’t look much different. They do, however, have a slight functional benefit powering them up needs less stardust. So now, you’ll be able to make them stronger, faster with lesser work.

Now the question is, how do you get them all? Simple, by trading. While people are still working out the exact mechanism, it looks like non-Lucky Pokémon has a chance to become Lucky Pokémon when traded from one player to another. Abiding by what Niantic has to say, the probability of a Pokémon becoming “lucky” after a trade increases, based on how much time it has been since it was originally caught.

For the collectors out there, “Lucky” Pokémon is now a category in the Pokédex. Niantic has added the trading feature to Pokémon GO just about a month ago. This indeed is a clever idea to get players towards Pokémon trading so that even after they’ve already caught everything, there is more to catch.

This new update has got few other small changes, most are just related to enhancing the way the trading system works:

  • You can now give nicknames to your friends. That definitely is a super useful feature for remembering the person which you often ten to forget because of the usernames.

So now you’ll remember that you added PikaFan36 because they promised to trade you a Bulbasaur!

  • You now have a chance to get some XP for sending gifts
  • Gifts are supposed to now contain stardust
  • You can now remove gifts from your record


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