Pokémon Go can awaken your hunter instinct: Researchers revealed

Pokémon Go can awaken hunter instinct: Researchers revealed

Pokémon Go is a tangible sensation of the present gaming world. Since its release, the game has created a high-flying position in the global gaming era while the in-built AR technology has kept overwhelming the gamers all over the world. Only in 75 days of its launch, it has completely transformed the gaming sect with many revolutionary features and kept on boosting player’s volume. While each day, new research and studies are implementing upon the location-based game, the new study has found something exceptional about the game.

A newly conducted study on the popular game Pokémon Go said that the craziness of game is altering the personality traits of the gamers and number of gamers could enjoy hunting like activities regardless of being city inhabitants. The study was published in the open-access academic journal Humanimalia and marked out some enchanting facts about the human personality. As the research represented, if an individual is enjoying playing Pokémon Go to catch those virtual animals and enjoying it, then they might be expressing their inner hunting impulses, and this is helping people to go on and colonize the world.

Vladimir Dinets, a researcher from the University of Tennessee in the US, is the lead author of the study and the primary motto behind the study was to discover if the human beings also have an innate hunting character, as the animals like dogs, cats, and other predators have. Since era, hunting has kept on playing a pivotal role in generating human populate and Pokémon Go with its chasing-like features, is helping people to express those hunting instincts.

Vladimir Dinets used himself as the participants of this case study and said that some humans inherently have the instinct of hunting or in some cases, they also have an innate curiosity in finding and catching quarry. Dinets during the case study looked to his own early days and tried to map out his own interests about the wild animals or the natural world when he was at the age of three. In addition to this, Dinets also said that his father was a chemist and also possessed an in-depth hobby of hunting, catching and researching on rare butterflies.

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