Pokémon Go to bring a revolutionary growth in AR market: Check out How?

Pokémon Go to bring a revolutionary growth in AR market: Check out How?

AR or Augmented Reality has introduced a revolutionary trend in both game and educational sect, making the entire world enjoying the feeling of artificial viewing more real and thrilling. While the interactive gaming and learning have effectively assumed control over the digital era with superior conceivable outcomes, the introduction of AR-based game Pokémon Go fuelled it significantly like never before.

Only in one week of its release, Pokémon Go had brought up the new sensational revolution in the gaming sector, and after 74 days of its launch, the game is still in charge for dominating the global gaming market. Since its inception, the game has seemingly made the most widespread usage of Augmented Reality or AR technology, and with more than 25 million users and 500 million downloads, the game has added new golden chapters to the gaming history of the world.

The Tech Policy Lab at the University of Washington conducted survey on the impacts and effects of this AR-based game which states that Pokémon Go has completely transformed the way AR technology was used previously. They described AR as a mobile or embedded technology that creates real like feelings and outputs in the virtual world, making the viewer more thrilled with each part of gaming or learning.

The location-based game Pokémon Go is designed with the feature that makes people stroll through ways to catch the virtual character of Pokémon and to prepare them to fight with other artificial creatures. With the empowerment of AR technology, the game not only created a new gaming sensation but also generated a strong foundation for the development of AR in the tech world.

According to the published reports by TechSci Research, the market of both augmented reality and virtual reality in India seems with a great potential, and it is expected to develop with a CAGR of 55.3% from 2016 to 2021. While the demand for the adoption of AR and VR is different sectors like gaming and education are mounting gradually, it is expected to drive more intensification in the AR and VR market of India, within next five years.

The demand of Augmented Reality in the global market has emerged with a greater potentiality; and presently the business sector is anticipated to boost up at a rate of 117.40 billion USD by the end of 2022, accompanying a CAGR rate of 75.2% from 2016 to 2022. With the successive wave made by Pokemon Go, AR technology is now experiencing a significant hike in both domestic and international tech market.

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