Narendra Modi assures to end cross border shelling with Pakistan


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the auspicious occasion of the Air Force Day about the continuous violation of the cease fire on the Indo-Pak borders. Personalties including,  Army Chief General, Dalbir Singh and the National Security Advisor, Ajit Devol, were also present there to accompany the PM.

IAF Chief Arup Raha said “India wants good relations with our neighbors, and the government is taking a number of steps in this direction diplomatically and otherwise. We are all involved, and efforts are being made to bring this to an end. All security agencies are concerned the way the things have developed in last few days, and we want an early resolution. We don’t want to let the issue become serious.” He further continued “Directions are very simple that we need to resolve the issue at the earliest. We want peace and tranquility on the border so that the nation can focus on the development and other critical issues.”

Kashmir has always been a matter of serious concern as both the countries India, and Pakistan claim it and is again the sole source for creating much of tension in between both the countries. Last week a total of nine Pakistanis and eight Indian civilians were shot and out of that five were killed last Wednesday in cross border firing. Thousands took asylum in the army camps in Kashmir.

In addition to it, both the countries are saying that the opposition has broken the armistice by killing civilians. “If India and Pakistan troops have hostility, let them fight. What have we done to them?” a civilian said in Arnia, where five civilians were killed on Monday. “We left our homes in the dead of night and were living here in this school in a wretched condition. We have no food. We want an end of the firing so that we can return home.”

According to sources, the Pakistan envoy was told on Tuesday that “unprovoked firing from across the border that also continues to target civilians” must stop.

The PM Modi said, “everything will be fine” without telling how it will be. According to Indian troops, they would continue to respond the “unprovoked” Pakistani shelling actively. As India did not exaggerate the situation, there was no question of scaling down the response.

“Our troops at all the places gave a strong and befitting reply to firing from Pakistan,” a Border Security Force (BSF) spokesperson said.

However, the politicians got a chance to speak against Modi. The Congress party criticised PM for not giving proper attention to the situation. The party vice-president, Rahul Gandhi said in a rally in Maharashtra that Modi had done nothing to stop the shelling from Pakistan.


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