PM Modi’s visit in Korea strikes controversial aura

PM Modi’s visit in Korea strikes controversial aura - TeCake

PM Narendra Modi recently visited South Korea in a two day trip and were on a tight schedule. The controversy is all about the leader of South Korea’s ruling Saenuri Party, Rep. Kim Moo-sung, who was left waiting for PM Modi for about half-an-hour to complete his schedule. The reason for the goof up in the schedule is said to be because of a longer meeting with Indian residents in Korea.

Kim’s supporter said that he should not have suffered the wait and should have left way before. They went on to say that a visiting leader (PM Modi here) should show some respect for the chief of the host nation’s ruling party as they can also be a prime candidate to become the head of the state in future.

Another controversy that was sparked in Korea was that Modi’s self-assessment as a higher God being shown in speeches. Before the elections, he used to speak for himself as the ‘sevak’ of the ‘janta’ which has now turned into an era of Before Modi and After Modi India, since his victory a year back.

Although let’s not twist and turn the facts, for Modi only said, “There was a time when people used to say we don’t know what sins we committed in our past life that we were born in Hindustan. But no longer. Acchey din are here and for the people, “the mood has changed.””

This statement has been taken by many as Modi’s assessment of himself as a person who changed India, which might be true to some extent for India has its own vast culture and history but indeed we cannot forget that he has played a vital role in encouraging India’s dignity and has managed to create a sense of pride among Indians.

Modi, might not have exactly bought Acchey din yet (depends on how to take Acchey din), but he has shown a path to all Indians to be self-reliant citizens of the nation.

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