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PM Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi JinPing began talks in an informal manner over various issues in the ancient city of Xi’an, the hometown to President Xi. PM Modi is there on a 3-day visit and people have been speculating that why the meet is held in Xi’an and not Beijing.

The answer to this was a hearty welcome by President Xi extended to PM Narendra Modi in his hometown, which has been seen as a retort gesture of the President upon his last visit to India, where PM Modi invited him to his hometown in Gujrat.

President Xi shared his views saying that he got a wonderful taste of PM Modi’s hometown and wanted to share his hometown melodies with the PM and return the hearty gesture PM Modi showed.

PM Modi mentioned that it was an honor for the 125 crore Indians for such a delightful receiving. It is also speculated that the formal talks will take place in Beijing tomorrow with the issue of stapled visa to be likely discussed by the PM. The problem is such that China issues visas as stapled pages instead of stamping them inside the passports of applicants from Arunachal Pradesh, which Beijing claims as disputed territory.

The PM also voiced his concerns about the $46 billion economic corridor that China is building through Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir. It has further been rumored that Indian Cellular Association (ICA) President Pankaj Mohindroo who will take part in the India-China Business Forum to be addressed by Modi during his visit to Shanghai on May 16.

They will enlighten Chinese side about the growing opportunities in the Indian mobile handset segment, explore business opportunities with the Chinese counterparts as well as further business engagements between the two countries.

We are hoping that the meeting may go smoothly among the two leaders so that the Modi government is able to fulfill their promises as this month will mark the government’s one year rule in the country.

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