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In accordance with the Make in India program, India should get rid of the tag as the world’s largest importer of defence equipments, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said at the inauguration of the 10th edition of the Aero India show, on Wednesday. India spends a high amount while buying defence from other countries, however, PM wishes to manufacture those equipments here in India.

While discouraging the tag of the biggest defence importer, PM Modi said that it is disheartening that India buys more than 60 percent of the defence from outside while India should produce those equipments. It will not only save a lot of capital but will also create a lot of job opportunities for our young generation. In addition, PM emphasized on absorbing the technology while buying the defence equipments so India can reproduce it later rather than buying it again at an enormous price.

“We have the reputation as the largest importer of defence equipment in the world. That may be music to the ears of some of you here. But, this is one area where we would not like to be Number One!’’ Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  “It will be no longer enough to buy equipment and simply assemble them here. We have been doing this in the past, without absorbing any technology or developing our own capabilities. In some areas, we are where we were three decades ago,’’ he said.

With enhanced production, Modi aims to generate nearly 2 lakh new job opportunities in aerospace itself. He said that we would continue to import defence, but it should be cut short at least by 40 percent. While acknowledging the importance of research he said that more research institutions will be setup and government should nourish the raw young scientists and provide them with opportunities to display their high skills. Furthermore, government would fund nearly 80 percent to both public and private sector for development of defence prototypes in India.

It would take at least 3-4 years from now to execute the plan, but its effect on future generation and the country will be tremendous.

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