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Plague Inc MOD APK: Spread the Virus!

Since the pandemic is going on, Plague Inc Mod Apk game is similar to that of creating a pandemic but virtually only. Be a God, create your own virus and decide how many people to be left on earth.

Use the link provided below to download and enjoy this addictive game. Also get additional feature for free without in app purchase.


Name Plague Inc MOD APK
Genre Simulation
Size 75.6 mb
OS Android 4.1+
Publisher Miniclip Games
Version V1.18.5
MOD Features Available
Price Free
Google Play

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Miniclip Inc have already released thousands of games and Plague Inc is one of it. All the games of miniclip Inc are distributed all over the world. Plague Inc is a comprehensive simulation of our world and the plague process. The game is divided into three levels: simple, medium, and tough. Each degree reflects humanity’s consciousness.

Like in simple level, the people around the world are unhygienic and health care workers do not work efficiently and you can spread the virus easily but with increasing difficulty, people act more responsibly and keep hygiene practices as well as the health care workers work efficiently so that you have difficulty in spreading the viruses.

Moreover, this game teaches us to keep ourselves safe and maintain hygiene practices to avoid such pandemic which we are ultimately suffering as of now.

This is ultimately an addictive game. Once you start playing you will enjoy the game as well as you will gain more knowledge about the world. To know more about this game, read the whole article and download this game for free. Use the link provided below.


In this game, you will portrayed the mad scientist or the evil God who will be planning evil things against the mankind. Here you will be generating and publicizing deadly viruses capable of killing millions of people

Investigate a variety of inventions and devise incredible plans to aid you in the destruction of humanity and its foes. The game includes a variety of plagues, as well as numerous spreading tactics and methods, to aid you on your missions.

Game Play:

Create and Evolve the Virus:

You have a great deal of work to do because the environment is at a disturbing stage. Researchers and scientific organizations will accelerate their efforts to find a solution until the virus you spread around the globe has destroyed so many people and organizations from all over the world.

Furthermore, you have to use your brilliant strategist to boost your viruses, which makes drug testing challenging. You will also keep up with the latest news by reading the local newspaper. You’ll know what the pathogens need to change from there.

DNA will pop around the map when you propagate the virus, you have to collect them all. These DNA will give a boost and upgrade to your pathogen. Enhance your virus to propagate through various ways including air, animal contact etc. and make your virus survive and infect by applying all the tactics.

Produce New Pathogens:

Since pathogens can be divided into many types like bacteria, virus, fungi, you will also be provided with the options. But prefer starting with a bacteria as it spread quickly and infects rapidly and also disappears with simple remedies. All the pathogens have the own advantages as well as disadvantages.

Plague Inc has a very comprehensive variable that makes monitoring pathogen condition and data much simpler.
The game board not only displays the pathogen’s criteria, but also the amount of fatalities and the success of developing a vaccine to combat the microorganism.

Easy Interface:

In this game, the globe or the universe is depicted in great manner and the player reference framework is very thorough in helping you get to know the game.

You can strive out further of about 12 different microorganisms in the game. Moreover, apart from that, gorgeous visuals with a simple, easy-to-use interface is an asset not to be forgotten.


12 Different Diseases to spread:

There 12 different types of microorganisms available to create 12 different types of diseases. Use different organisms to attack different locations. Each disease has its own potency to cause disease.

Apply perfect Tactics:

As you have created a powerful pathogen, now its time to spread is formerly. Now use perfect strategies to overcome the obstacles that AI is putting to stop you!

Cover the whole World:

You have got the whole globe in your hands. You will be given more than 50 countries to cover with the virus that you have created. Dominate the humans and turn the beautiful countries to a sick ones!

Enhance your Pathogen:

Collect the essentials while playing like DNA to mutate and evolve your Pathogen. Given them the best traits so that they infect a whole country easily.

Save and Play:

Mistakes are common. You might also do some mistake while playing but you can revoke your mistake by saving the critical parts of the game. Also, you can save half of the game and play later whenever you get time.


Keep a track of the progress you have done  in the game using the scoreboards. Win rewards and prizes and compare your scores with the others in the leader boards.

No. of Languages:

This game has the benefit of providing more than a language. English is the primary language but if you are from other country and feel like playing in your own language then this game provides you with that option.

The game has the choices of English, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, French, Japanese, Korean, Russian etc. and many other languages will also be included in the future updates.

Graphics and Sound:

The perfectly designed for the game. The colors chosen match the games theme and are scary as well. The crispy and crystal clear graphics are made to entertain the gamers more. The background music  adds fun to the game.

MOD Features:

Everybody loves playing the games which comes free but in some games you have to use your real money to purchase in app products. But in the MOD APK version of this game, we are providing you unlimited coins so that you do not have to spend a money in purchasing items. Unlimited coins will help you to buy stuffs to enhance your pathogens so that you could infect more and more!

How to Download?

  • Firstly, uninstall the already download game from the play store.
  • Secondly, download this game from the link given below in this article.
  • Now, select the option from the settings to allow your device to download from unknown sources.
  • And now install the downloaded game in your smartphone.
  • Finally, the app with unlimited coins is ready to be played. Infect the world as much as you can!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is this game available free of cost?

Yes, this game is available absolutely free of cost and with unlimited coins as mod feature.

2. Is this game safe to play?

Yes, definitely this game is 100% safe to play.

3. Is this game age restricted?

No, there is no as such age restrictions for this game. This game is suitable for all the age groups.

4. Can I share my account with other users?

There is no such thing as creating account for this game. You can directly start playing this game without creating any account.

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