This is how NASA scientists had pizza party in space, Watch video

Pizza Party In space Sounds Surprising: Check out NASA scientist's Pizza Bash

Being in space is fantastic and cool, but have you ever had pizza? Spacewalkers at the ISS craved for pizza so much, and they were sent the ingredients to make the delightful pies in space. The result? A pizza party in zero gravity.

According to Paolo Nespoli, an Italian explorer who is currently at the International Space Station as the member of Expedition 53, the topic of pizzas was casually brought up with their chief while a live public event. Following this, the director of the ISS, Kirk Shireman, stunned the spacewalkers in space with the ingredients needed to prepare pizzas.

The video uploaded by NASA’s Johnson Space Center displays the crew working together to make pizzas. Getting to investigate space seems pretty darn cool, but the experience arises with many sacrifices. Sure, time away from the house must be rough, but one of the most unbearable losses is having to leave tasty pizza behind on Earth. Curious about how delicious they tasted? Well, according to Mr Nespoli, pizzas in space were surprisingly yummy, while explorer Randy Bresnik called all the pizzas ‘tasty’.

According to news, ingredients for the pizza as well as an ice cream truck were launched into space on Sunday morn from Virginia, USA.

Scientists are also working towards growing vegetables in the microgravity environment of ISS. US astronaut Scott Kelly had tweeted the stunning pictures of the first flower grown at the International Space Station (ISS). The first flower was an edible zinnia that was consumable and could be used in salads. The zinnia plant takes nearly 60 to 80 days to bloom and its growth increases in later days.

Astronauts have successfully harvested Chinese cabbage on the International Space Station (ISS), the credit for which goes to astronaut Peggy Whitson. Four more crops have been harvested before the recent one. Apparently, at the end of this year, they are planning to send NASA’S plant growth chamber to ISS, this will be placed next to the current camber and will provide astronauts with more space to grow their own crops.

In addition, Scott Kelly once uploaded the 4K video of effect of microgravity on water bubble.  Each and every detailing, the colors, the textures, etc are visible with our eyes. Some water droplets were also seen running away from the bubble that’s because of carbon dioxide present in the bubble which tends to rise towards the outer surface. Ball changes color many times in the video which is mesmerizing to watch.

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