PIL Rajasthan cops sideline Civil Rights Act TeCake

Incidents of Dalit atrocities have created much discussion in Rajasthan in the last few years but surprisingly not a single case has been filed by the Rajasthan Police under the Protection of Civil Rights Act.

There have been incidents of prohibiting Dalits from entering the temples , restricting them to take water from well and carry marriage processions but according to a recently filed PIL in The Rajasthan high court, none of the cases has been registered under Civil Rights Act since 2012.

The cases were registered under SC/ST act. The sidelining of Civil Rights Act is crucial to notice because there are strong provisions in it against   such measures. The petitioner has claimed that a thorough research and study of individual cases has been done before filing the PIL.

Jain said that there were 20 cases in 2014 when the Dalit grooms were not allowed to carry wedding procession though the colonies of upper caste people. Many such cases were filed in 2012, 2013 and 2015 as well. In the last three years there were seven cases of prohibition from using common funeral ground but none was registered under protection of Civil Rights 1995.

The petitioner has also claimed that even though the Dalit atrocities are not uncommon in Rajasthan but still the state is shown with minimum cases of Dalit torture. The fabrications in the lodging of cases by the police are crucial to it.

According to Jain, the domination of upper caste frightens the Police and they do not file the case under Civil Rights to avoid the clash and wraths of the upper caste. This leads to unjustified discrimination in the state.

The hearing of the petition is likely to take place in July and it is filed under the name of Dalit Manav Adhikar Kendra Samiti.

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