Piaggio launches special edition Vespa RED scooter in India, partners RED

piaggio vespa red

Piaggio has brought a product to a social cause in collaboration with RED. The company launched Vespa RED scooter in India. The scooter is priced at Rs 87,009 and available at all the showrooms across the country. The Vespa Red is launched as per the commitment of Vespa of its fight against AIDS. The goodwill ambassador of the company is Farhan Akhtar who launched the product.

As per the reports, under this commitment, the company will donate $50 (about Rs 3,275) for the sale of each scooter. The donation will go to the Global Fund to fight AIDS, educating the people who are suffering from this disease and ending the illness from India.

RED had come in the support of raising funds for diseases earlier too. RED has generated approximately $475 million to support the Global Fund for various diseases like Tuberculosis Malaria and AIDS since 2006. Though, this is the first time that sale of the scooter will support in the contribution in Global Funds. The donation can contribute in the medication of approximately 165 days. Likewise, the medication can prevent the infection, can save the pregnant lady’s life and can stop the virus from passing on from one person to another; an unborn baby can get an infection from his mother.

Meanwhile, regarding features, Vespa RED scooter is come up with the engine of 125cc. The scooter features the leather seat in the red shade and 12-inch alloy wheels. The body colored bright red. The scooter has monocoque single piece steel body and has 220 mm front disc brake, and aircraft-inspired single sided front suspension. Piaggio has launched Vespa RED merchandise including a helmet, T-shirt, and hat also.

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