Pet owners need to be beware, Ticks can happen to transmit diseases

New Delhi: Pet animals such as cats and dogs must be giving you the much needed unconditional happiness and love which you need. However, they also happen to pass something else to you too-surprisingly its ticks.

“Ticks can happen to transmit diseases to pets and their owners, especially in the months when the temperature is high which is the time they are most active,”  stated Erin Jones, the lead author of the study of Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene in Baltimore.

The team of Jones analysed the data that was collected by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention initiative known as TickNET that aims at preventing diseases that are born of tick all across the country. Lyme disease happens to be among the most common diseases in the United States; the exposure risk to be the highest in the northeastern states, the researchers and experts state in Zoonoses and Public Health.

“Preventing bites of the ticks by avoiding the bushy and woody areas with high leaf and grass litter,  by appropriate use of the repellents on the clothing and the skin, along with checking for the presence of any ticks after being out are very effective methods for prevention,” Jones reported in an email.

2,727 households in 3 states- Maryland, New York and Connecticut- the areas where Lyme disease is spreading endemically were researched by the experts. It was also recognised that around more than 50 percent of the households, 1,526, had a cat, a dog or both. Around 88 % of such households started using some tick control on their lovely pets.

Overall, around 30 percent of the owners of pet had identified a tick that was crawling on a man in the household and 20 percent of the owners of pet had found a tick which was attached to a human member of a household.

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