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Pessimistic Optimistic Envious and Trusting Four Basic Traits of human says study

Human behavior and personality is quite mysterious and to understand it, several studies has previously conducted and reported. But a recently held research on making out human behavior and personality has revealed some surprising facts. The study was carried out by a group of researchers from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid in Spain, and it was firmly based on individual or collective interests.

And according to the report, individual personality can be classified into four basic types like optimistic, pessimistic, trusting and envious. The study based on human behavior has revealed this fact that the entire category of human nature is divided into four types and around 90% of the total population fall within these four basic traits types. Apart from this, the study also stated that the most common type of human being fall under the Envious category.

The research report published in the academic journal of Science Advances, written by the researchers of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and the Universities of Zaragoza, Rovira I Virgili. Based on individual interests, the research included 540 volunteers, and the subjects were given alternatives that could prompt either strife or coordinated effort with others.

In the study, the included 540 participants were asked to take part as couples. These pairs were kept on changing in each round, and each time the game was also reported to change. The subjects given to the contributors are based on human interest so that best option could be to work together or to resist or deceive. In this way, the researchers obtained more information about the attitude of the human being and what they used to do in different social situations.

Envious is reported to be the most common character type found in almost 30% of the participants in comparison to the 20% for each of the other three groups like Pessimistic, Optimistic, & Trusting.

As said by said Yamir Moreno, from Universidad de Zaragoza in Spain, “the results go against certain theories; the one which states that humans act purely rationally for example, and, therefore, they should be taken into consideration in redesigning social and economic policies, as well as those involved in cooperation.”

The algorithm following the outcomes of the study found that 90% of people fall into four groups, and the largest group is reported to be envious which hold 30% of the participants. Other groups are found to contain 20% of each. The pessimists with 20% measurement are defined as those people who select the alternative which they see as the smaller of two corrupt activities – and the trusting group is distinct as those who are born coworkers and who will always collaborate and don’t really mind whether they win or lose.

Apart from these four groups, there is also one more group which is yet unnamed by the scientists. This undefined group, which the algorithm is incapable of classifying the behavior type among the people in comparison to another clear type of behavior, experts said.

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  • This is a very limited study in the sense that it focuses only on how we behave in win-lose interactions with others. I think we have other traits that come out in different kinds of situations. We are not always faced with decisions about whether to cooperate with someone or not. This is an artificial lab situation which, I feel, has limited extrapolation potential to the real world.

  • Meh.How ridiculous!! Determining the characteristics of 7 billion people based on a sample size of 540,are they mad? You can’t determine everyone’s personality so easily.

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