PepsiCo to put digital hoardings in the sky using hundreds of satellites

PepsiCo to put digital hoardings in the sky using hundreds of satellites

Imagine you are in the woods staring at the nighttime sky with stars shimmering across the sky and if you are lucky enough, you get to see halo gas around our Milky Way galaxy which is a majestic experience limited to a few places around the globe. Okay, that isn’t it because there’s something mission. Yes, a PepsiCo advertisement floating at 250 miles altitude will be a great sight. Wait, what?

Turns out we aren’t joking and neither does one of the largest beverage company PepsiCo as it per the reports, the company has signed up with StartRocket’s Orbital Display system which is a Russian based advertising firm which states that it can launch mini satellites up at the 250 miles altitude above the ground where it can arrange the mini-satellites into pixels to form advertisements and in this case, it is PepsiCo which is interested and has signed up to become its first client.

To elaborate it further, StartRocket states that it can launch CubeSats which are tiny 10cm3 satellites weighing at an average of 1.33kg that are stationed at the low Earth orbit. The hoarding will span 50km2 and will consist of thousands of CubeSats that will act as each separate pixels that will collectively form a large hoarding that companies could use to display their ads in the nighttime visible to a massive audience at real-time if they have a look at the sky.

According to the report published by Futurism, PepsiCo is targeting gamers based in Russia with its Adrenaline Rush energy drink. The company wishes to inform people about the stereotypes they have when it comes to gamers. Somethings, people think gamers are immature and toxic children, etc. This will enable gamers to break the stereotypes people have in their minds.

The report further adds that both PepsiCo and StartRocket claim that there is indeed a orbital display system in the planning phase after people suggest that it could be a April Fool prank which is something celebrated around the globe on April 01st but since we are more than two weeks into April and after a hint that both the companies have affirmed it existence, this could turn out to the next wonder in terms of advertisements and a great real estate for companies around the globe to attract masses.

Jon Christian posted a screengrab of StartRocket’s initial press release will states how it will be using PepsiCo’s Adrenaline GameChangers logo as its first hoarding on its orbital display system. As of now, the system is in its development stage and the company is looking forward to raising $35 million towards the project. The timeline states an imminent launch of service by January 2021, however, it isn’t clear if PepsiCo will still be a part of it or it will back out and use the project as a marketing gimmick.

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