People will visualize Orionids meteor shower in skies on October 21

Earth is experiencing a lot of events in the recent months both inside its atmosphere as well as outside its atmosphere in the space. And as the night sky is expected to be clear with no harsh moonlight to wash out in the upcoming days, space enthusiasts and sky viewers can easily see stars and star clusters.

Also, the scientists have informed that next week people can clearly watch the Orionid meteor shower which will be at its peak on October 21. The people of Australia will have the advantage to clearly view the Orionid meteor showers. Dave Reneke from Australasian Science magazine said that generally this is a good shower for beginners with estimates of around 30 meteors per hour and added that, as usual with all showers, the best time to view the meteor shower is from around midnight until an hour before sunrise.

He informed that shower is centered around the constellation Orion which people of Australia fondly call as the Saucepan. He advised viewers to keep calm and recommended them to look for the familiar shape of the Saucepan and watch below the three stars ( Alnitak, Alnilam, and Mintaka ), making up the bottom of the pan.

Actually, Orion meteor showers are part of the Halley ‘s Comet, which is the most famous clump of ice, rock, and dust in the solar system. Halley’s Comet was first seen in 1986, and it is predicted that it is not going to return until 2016. But the huge trail of debris left by Halley’s Comet that burns up as meteors is what gives rise to the Orionids meteor shower. For the year 2017, the Orionid meteor shower started from October 2 and is expected to last upto November 7. Scientists revealed that the meteor shower would be at its peak on October 21, Saturday. Surely the Orinoids will provide a spectacular view of the sky and people will enjoy watching them through their telescopes.

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