Its shocking! People like having sex in Gym: Read This

People are always ready to experiment and having sex in bedroom can become boring over the time. People like to hook up outside but a new study has revealed shocking data which suggests that people prefer sex in fitness place or gym.

The study conducted by high street sex shop Ann Summers was based on 2,000 volunteers who were asked several sex-related questions including preferred place and preferred partner for getting intimate.

What study authors found was mind-boggling. Nearly 25 percent of the participants admitted that they have had sex in the gym while ten percent confessed that they carried condoms if in case they get a chance of getting intimate with any of their gym partners.

Another shocking revelation was that 70 percent women admitted to fantasizing about their personal trainer during sex. While 66 percent of the participants believe that sex can happen in fitness place like gym.

82 percent gym goers confessed that they had used online dating app in the gym as the atmosphere there inspired them to use such apps and draws their attention towards sex.

This might sound weird to some but it has a scientific explanation. According to study authors, doing exercise in gym increases the level of serotonin and dopamine chemicals in the body which are responsible for increasing libido and setting up the mood. Exercise also improves blood flow in the body which furthers adds to the mood and drives people towards getting intimate.

In addition, smell of sweat also arouses the partner and releases a hormone named pheromone which is responsible for attracting partners through scent.

The study has given a brief insight of what people think in Britain and it might also imply for the entire world. However, the study was conducted on a very small scale and further investigation on a larger scale is required to confirm the finding.

The findings were published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

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