People are moved by the Stephen Hawking’s final act of kindness

Stephen Hawking, one of the greatest scientists of the modern era, died at his home on March 14 at the age of 76. On Saturday, the funeral of the world famous scientists took place in the city of London. The most heartening part of the funeral was Stephen Hawking’s final act of kindness. Hawking provided a free grand Easter meal to 50 homeless and needy people at his home city of Cambridge.

As reported by Metro U.K. the free meal was served by FoodCycle at Wesley Methodist Church in Cambridge. FoodCycle is a non Profit having 36 locations across the UK and it regularly provides a free meal to the poor and needy people through charity. Hence, on the day of Hawking’s funeral, his family gave donations to FoodCycle to provide Easter lunch to 50 homeless people at Wesley Methodist Church. The 50 homeless people were served on flower filled tables. On the tables, there was a note that read, “Today’s lunch is a gift from Stephen. From the Hawking family.”

The organizers informed that Stephen Hawking was given a little cheer before all the 50 diners started eating their meal. The FoodCycle tweeted, “We’re so grateful to the Hawking family for their generous donation so we could give our guests an extra special #Easter meal yesterday. We had a little cheer in honor of Stephen Hawking before tucking in. “Alex Collis, East of England regional manager, FoodCycle, informed that Lucy Hawking, the daughter of Stephen Hawking contacted him and mentioned that the family wants to make a donation so that while the funeral was taking place, people would be sitting down to a hot meal on Stephen.

Collis further added, “It was a really kind gesture that I think fitted well with the sympathy Prof Hawking felt for people who were having a tough time of things.” After the funeral, Collis took to Twitter and thanked the Stephen Hawking family for so generously supporting Saturday’s FoodCycle Cambridge launch in the memory of the great physicist. Many people on tweeter were moved by this great step taken by Stephen Hawking’s family on the day of his funeral. Vibhuti Patel, a Twitter user, said that she moved to tears by seeing such generosity from the family of Stephen Hawking and applauded them for thinking about others at such a sad time.

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