People get emotionally attached to their smartphones: study

people get attached to their smartphone

A study by Gisli Thorsteinsson of the University of Iceland in Reykjavik and Tom Page of Loughborough University, UK, says that people are getting emotionally attached with their smartphones. By emotionally attached they not only mean dependency, but a connection at an emotional level.

The researchers took volunteers aged between 15 to 64 years from all around the world, including the UK, Hong Kong, China, Canada, Australia, Peru and the US. They conducted their study on them, to check whether people get emotionally attached with their smartphones.

The researchers said since the launch of iPhone in 2007, which was the first smartphone in the world, people have had the pleasure of keeping a PC in their pockets. Besides being able to call or message, people can now enjoy many apps online or offline. They can stay connected to internet 24/7 and be available on social networking apps like, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.. They can play games, email anyone, listen to music or even browse videos just at a touch.

There have been many studies conducted earlier on adverse effects of mobile phones, in spite of this, there is a huge boom in the smartphone market, which is exponentially increasing day by day. People tend to spend their time and money on these gadgets and become emotionally attached to it. Out of the 205 smartphone users who volunteered in the test, majority of them were found to be emotionally attached with their smartphones.

The researchers quoted, “A lost or stolen phone can be replaced with the same model and a data backup restored to the replacement; the same cannot be said of a lost pet dog, for instance.” If not attached to just the phone, people were found attached to the facilities it provided or the apps they used day in and day out.

This research will be published in the International Journal of Mobile Learning and Organization, and the researchers will continue to get more accurate results.

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