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Pencil Rush 3D MOD APK! FREE! Download now!

Pencil Rush Mod Apk

Pencil Rush 3D MOD APK is now available free of cost to all the users. The accessibility is totally free and you can play more to win more coins!


This pandemic and lock down has changed everyone’s life. However, it was a big bane for the creative artists as they were not able to buy any stationary items. So, technology jumped in and sorted it for the artists. People can now fulfill their art through the game Pencil Rush 3D MOD APK.

With today’s advanced technologies, almost everyone on the planet is linked. It just takes a few seconds to communicate your message to the rest of the world. We all have faced a lot of struggle before the internet was this famous. But now with the help of internet we have got everything in our hands. With every day work pressure, many people are experiencing tension, exhaustion, headaches, and other problems as a result of all being moved online. And relaxation is definitely required. For the purpose of relaxation, we have brought you the most peaceful and enjoyable game “Pencil Rush 3D”.
Though it is preferable to play physical games, which is not feasible nowadays, so mobile games can also help with mental polishing.


Name Pencil Rush 3D
Version 0.6.0
Size 67 Mb
MOD Available
Genre Casual
OS 4.4+
Google Play Link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pencil.madness&hl=en&gl=US

Download Now

You can play this game when you have bit of spare time in between your hectic schedule. Consider yourself as pencil, race with other pencils to achieve first position. Overcome the obstacles to achieve the victory and at the end finish by drawing beautiful picture with all the colors you have!

This game also provides the privilege of giving you unlimited coins!

This game will definitely bring color to you as well as your life! Download and play this game to reduce your stress and increase your skills.

Go through this article to know more about this game and download “Pencil Rush 3D” today for free!

Game play:

This game is as simple as drawing or scribbling on a white paper with colors. The developers have definitely worked hard to keep the game as easy as possible while still increasing level of difficulty. Because of its innovative design, players love this game. The basic plot of this game is straightforward: you must imagine yourself as a pencil and play the game pretending yourself to be the pencil .

However, there will be numerous races in which you must compete amongst other pencils. This game will require you to run past various obstacles such as a pin, a camera, and so on. Along with you, there will be a slew of other pencils racing as well. You’ll be racing on a blank background which resembles to a white page, as you’ll see in the game. This is because there would be a painting drawn by you during the race on the white page, which will revealed at the end of the race. As a result, this game is similar to a race and a drawing contest at the same time.

Players will¬† start off as a single colored pencil in the race, but you’ll almost certainly run out of color. As a result, make sure to pick new pencils along the way while racing. When you are running, various colored pencils can be found. You can use the pencil you just got until you’ve run out of ink. Many players have been drawn to this game because of its unique racing design. This is a level-based game with a large number of levels to play endlessly.

Also, you can update your stats in the same way as you can upgrade a pencil. You will compete in a variety of online competitions to take the rivalry to a global level.


The Ultimate Graphics:

This game presents the most vibrant colors of life within a small screen of your smartphone. It will ultimately make you feel getting those colors in your life. Aside from the fact that this is a one-of-a-kind game, its graphical features are also very impressive. Since the game’s color depth is so vivid, each color in the game appears to be more spectacular.

Eventually, this game has gained huge success in the market. The 720p resolution of this game makes it more realistic and smooth to play.

Unlimited Money

Want to get all the colors available in the game? If yes, it needs money. All the upgrades needs money. But definitely, nobody wishes to spend money from their own pocket. Then how do you get extra money in the game? This Pencil Rush Mod Apk is the best answer. The game is loaded with unlimited money. Spend as much as you want to. The more you spend, the more you gain!

Difficulty Level?

Pencil Rush Mod Apk is not a difficult game. Even the children can play this game easily. This game is soothing and helps you to relax your mind. Stressed with work, then play this game for 15 minutes to ease yourself out. The features of this game make it very easy to play. This is definitely suitable for all age groups. Perhaps, adults would definitely feel relaxed playing this game but children as well. So this game is informative too!

How to Download:

  • Initially click on the link provided below and download the game “Pencil rush 3D Mod APK”.
  • Secondly, allow your device to install from unknown sources.
  • Now, install the downloaded game on your device.
  • You are all set to play the game free of cost.

Download Link:

APK Link: https://t.me/nextalerts/1267


Pencil Rush Mod Apk is perhaps one of the best online relaxing casual games one should play while they are idle. This game is a combination of racing as well of creativity.

Go on! Show your creativity and win the game!!

This game is provided to you free of cost with unlimited coins. You can easily download this game from the link provided in this article. The game is definitely a cherry on the top of cake for all the players out there who wishes to relax and sharpen their mind.

Frequently asked Questions:

1. Is this game available free of cost?

Yes, This game is available free of cost and one does not have to spend any amount even after downloading the game.

2. What MOD feature is available for this game?

The MOD Feature available is, Unlimited coins are provided in this game.

3. Is this game safe to play?

Definitely! This game is safe to play.

4. Is there any age restrictions for this game?

No, any age group users can play this game.

5. Can I share account with someone else?

No, only one account can be used to play this game.

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