Bilingual magnum opus project Baahubabli managed to impressed megastar of India Amitabh Bachchan. Yes, the mega budget historical melodrama which is simultaneously releasing in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi is going viral these days. Even Big B is smitten by the epic film.

Amitabh Bachchan said about the film, “I should have been in Baahubali, I’m simply amazed and astonished to see such magnificent visuals”. Mr.Bachchan also conveys his best wishes to the entire team of the Baahubali.

After watching Baahubali, the 72-year-old Bollywood actor says, some action sequences and framework used in the project can be only seen in good English movies. It means star director of Tollywood S.S.Rajamouli performed up to the mark.

During video chat with the artist of movie Baahubali Rana Daggubati, the veteran B-town actor said about the cinema, “the cinema is simply “amazed and astonished” to see such “magnificent visuals”.

“So Rana I feel very privileged to have seen this first look that you just showed me of Baahubali and I am absolutely and astonished that how have been able to recreate this magnificent visual. I’m sure of course the story is equally good. You are working with Rajamouli and he is such a renowned talent. How did you conceive something like this? It is just unthinkable”, the all-time superstar of Bollywood added further.

The Piku artist also exclaimed about the historical cinema, “I feel so small in front of something like this because it’s a great effort. I doubt if anything like this have been seen on Indian cinema before. I hope that millions and millions of people can see the effort that has been made because it’s truly unimaginable”.

“We normally see these kinds of action or whatever the framework in some of more progressive Hollywood films but to have to see this here in India is amazing”, the legendary Indian actor added further. Overall the 70s era cineartist wants to say he is proud to be part of the country which make movies Baahubali.

The Hindi version of Baahubali is presented by famous Bollywod director-producer Karan Johar. Apart from all Indian languages the legendary cinema will be released in English and some foreign languages also.

Featuring actors Prabhas, Anushka Shetty, Rana Daggubati and Tamannaah in lead roles, the first part of Baahubali is scheduled to release on July 10.

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