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Parents smoking pot around kids can develop second-hand smoke

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Renowned researcher, Renee Goodwin says, people drink in front of their children. If marijuana is legal in your state, are people using it around their children and is it permissible? There has been made extreme progress in limiting the kids getting exposed to second-hand smoking and this can definitely be sabotaged by the highly rising popularity of pot use. Renee Goodwin said there are efforts being made to remove cigarette smoking, that success will be attenuated by increasing the exposure to second-hand marijuana smoke.

These days’ parents are smoking fewer cigarettes in front of their kids at home which were almost 20% in 2015 that has increased to 27 in 2002. The percentage of parents using marijuana has dramatically increased in these years which indicate that the kids in those families and backgrounds could be exposed to become the second-hand smokers than ever. The percentage of parents using weed in front of kids has increased from 11 % to 17%, according to the researchers. Goodwin, a professor at the City University of New York said that the kids who are already exposed to one thing, they’re more likely to be exposed to both.

The use of Marijuana was at first four times more common among the cigarette smokers than that of the non-smokers. Goodwin was also reported saying that overall, the cannabis use is much more common among the cigarette-smoking parents versus the non-smokers, but it is increasing in both the groups. Children that are exposed to second-hand smoke from tobacco and pot are more prone to end up in the emergency room or get an ear infection, as stated by another study at the Paediatric Academic Societies annual meeting in Toronto.

According to the latest study, Goodwin along with her colleagues found that there has been an uptick in the use of marijuana among the parents who do not smoke tobacco from almost 2% to 4% at the same time. The news of making marijuana legal has prompted the research team to actually focus on whether or not parents are smoking pot near their children. Goodwin also explained that her friend is associated with a government agency in Colorado that often encounters the usual marijuana use in people’s residences. In order to do the investigation, the researchers evaluated the information from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health and found that there is not much of evidence right now about the health effects of second-hand marijuana smoking.

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