Pakistani vessel carrying explosives blows itself at Indian coast

Pakistani vessel carrying explosives blows itself at Indian coast tecake

On the night of December 31, a Pakistani boat, suspicious of illicit activities sank to the bottom of the sea. Theories have been perching around stating that the vessel blew itself up, however, recent evidences show that the case is otherwise.

On the night, the reports previously suggested that a Pakistani boat was spotted by the Coast Guard, and they tried to make contact via radio and asked it to identify itself. But when no such indications of identification came, they sent people over to make sure that the boat was harmless.

On approaching, the boat tried to run away in a zig zag pattern and when it found itself surrounded by Indian security personnel, the people on board, blew the boat up that led to the sinking of the boat and destruction of any evidence that the vessel might have been carrying some terrorism inducing materials.

Evidence has popped out that the Coast Guard DIG BK Loshali had ordered to blow up the boat that he explicitly denies. A media report has suggested that he did order it and that they can produce the evidence video along with witnesses who were present during the video shoot.

On this, the Coast Guard DIG BK Loshali said that he will not serve the biryani to any anti-national elements and not to blow up the ship.

Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar on this has said that he will investigate the whole matter and if anyone is found guilty that person will be held responsible and punished. Currently, he is busy in Aero India 2015 exhibit along with PM Modi and other dignitaries so he will be able to conclude the press regarding this matter in some time.

This matter has become a critical issue since Pakistan and India are always on the verge of a war, and a little mistake might end up in a loss of many lives.

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