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Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mufti Mohammed Sayeed condemned the attacks on Police Station and army camp in Kathua and Sambha areas of Jammu on Friday and Saturday respectively.

He has stated this as a ‘ conspiracy’ to thwart the ongoing peace process.

The newly elected Chief Minister who has been previously criticized for supporting separatists believes that now the peace will be like that came after 2003 and this fear amongst the coward minds has lead to such steps by them.

The state Assembly adopted a resolution which condemned those attacks and also pleaded the Government of India to act upon the Pakistan government to prevent such acts for the sake of lasting peace and avoid any sort of derailment to the steps being taken for the peace .

“The forces behind the attacks need to be identified. The people of J&K have given a mandate of power to move ahead,” Sayeed ¬†told the Assembly after opposition created uproar demanding adjournment of the Question Hour.

Resolute on his stand Sayeed said that the people are firm on their motive, and such attacks won’t deter them. At the same time, he also accepted the fact that Pakistan itself is a ‘victim’ of terrorism and if the head of the nation on the other side of border is unable to tackle the menace, they just need to remember that it’s our fight as well.

However, Sayeed stressed that Pakistan needs to control terrorism if they are serious to maintain peace relations with India and do not want to derail the harmony talks.

Sayeed again described the terrorists from across the border as “non-state actors” and asked,” Who were the people who attacked churches in Karachi, who launched attacks in Peshawar, who is Lakhvi.

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  • Viral

    Mufti… are you a Pakistani ? why are you more concerned ?