Pakistan sponsoring Indian terrorism: Rajnath Singh

Terrorist creating terrorism with guns and terrifying people

Rajnath Singh, Home Minister of India, said on Saturday that if Pakistan is ready and if it takes the first step then India is ready to talk about the nuclear weapon rivalry between the countries. Also, India is willing to have a bilateral conversation with the neighbour.

On the other hand, Rajnath did not hesitated while saying that Pakistan is hosting the terror in India. He said that the neighbouring country is also providing shelter to reigning Don Dawood Ibrahim who was involved in 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts, controls Mumbai Mafia and has played vital role motivating bookies, and as per his knowledge Dawood is living along the Pak-Afghan border.

On a controversial note he stated, Indian terrorism is all aided by ISI; it is not home grown. “Terrorism in India is fully Pakistan sponsored. Pakistan says non-state actors are involved. But is ISI non-state actor. ISI is aiding terrorism,” he said.

Rajnath also pointed out the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks by saying that Pakistan is not taking any action to punish the culprits and not even willing to take any further step, in fact; neighbour is protecting them. Several agencies have reported of terrorist centres in Pakistan and also have provided satellite images showing the terrorist hub with exact locations.

He said that the Pakistan is trying to scuttle the terrorism instead of helping out the judicial process. He said so, on the basis of the fact that Pakistan is not handing over Dawood to India as he thinks that Dawood is in Pakistan.

“When the Pakistan Premier came to India, our Prime Minister told him to hand over Dawood. We are pursuing it. We are trying to build diplomatic pressure… As he is the most wanted criminal… Right now he is along (Pakistan-) Afghanistan border,” he said.

Home minister said that India wants cordial relations with countries all over the world not only with its neighbouring countries. “However, in some cases the country needs to protest diplomatically,” he added.

Nawaz Shariff, Prime Minister of Pakistan, was still adamant on his decision, after such a humble statement from Indians. He made his intentions clear by saying that he will talk to Kashmiri separatist instead of talking to Indian officials.

Pakistan has been notoriously known for giving shelter to terrorism for quite some time now. Osama Bin Laden, former Chief of Al-Qaeda, was also found in Pakistan, although the neighbour always denied of his location. Not only terrorism but Pakistan has broken cease-fire on Indo-Pak border several times despite India’s continuous efforts on maintaining peace.   Pakistan is becoming cause of trouble not only grounds but now they have opted a different medium for terrorism – Cyber War. Since past couple of years several Indian websites have been hacked the Pakistani hackers just to let Indians downs.

Once, UN declared Pakistan as the most dangerous country to the world. According to sources, UN is willing to step into the matter and might have a straight head to head war against terrorists to make world free from terrorism.

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