Optiemus signs deal with Blackberry to sell smartphones in Asian countries

Optiemus will now manufacture and handle the sales of BlackBerry Smartphones in the Asian countries

According to the latest reports, the Canadian Smartphone manufacturer BlackBerry has signed a long-term agreement with the Indian telecom company, Optiemus Infracom to expand its services in the Asian countries like India, Sri-Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal. And soon the manufacturing process will start in India.

Previously, BlackBerry has signed licensing agreement with PT BlackBerry Merah Putih in Indonesia and also with TCL Communications. This clears that BlackBerry is all set to hit the market with its new strategies. It has been seen that BlackBerry has been a little backward in the competitive market of Smartphones. Its top rivals Samsung and Apple have overtaken the company’s pace of growth in recent times. But again Blackberry is trying hard to gain the pace of the market with its Android compatibility mode.

Since last November, Blackberry is working with Optiemus for the sales and distribution of its innovative devices like DTEK60 AND DTEK 50 handsets. After gaining a comfortable confidence with Optiemus, BlackBerry took this important decision to expand its services to the Asian countries.

In a press conference Blackberry stated that its main objective, for now, is to increase its market share and to provide a full global coverage of its services. It also aims to be the top player among the security software services in the whole world. The executives of BlackBerry mentioned that India is going to play a vital role in the sales of Smartphones in the coming days and it will soon surpass the statistics of the US sale reports.

Even Apple has an eye over India, and soon Apple will be opening its manufacturing centre in India. If you will consider the statistics then you will find that India has become the second largest hub for the Smartphones manufacturers. The increasing demand of Smartphones in India is comparatively high than China. That’s the main reason why all the Smartphone manufacturing companies are focusing on India.

As per the agreement between Optiemus and BlackBerry, BlackBerry will handle the software integration part and will completely focus on that section whereas the Optiemus Infracom will design and manufacture the Smartphones of BlackBerry. It will also promote and sell the device along with excellent customer support facility for the BlackBerry Smartphones.

This seems to be a great innovative by BlackBerry to enhance its sale in the Asian countries where the demands for the Smartphones are increasing day by day. According to the India’s point of view, this can be a great initiative towards the ‘Make in India’ campaign.

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