Oppo and Vivo leading the global Smartphone race: Positioned among top 5 Smartphone makers

Vivo X7 launched in china

The recently announced quarter result of global Smartphone market has brought some of most surprising results according to which with privileged treks in sale rate, Vivo and Oppo are positioned among top 5 Smartphone merchants of the world. Though the first quarter of 2016 was quite disappointing for Smartphone marketers, the second quarter brought up several dramatic changes and hikes in sale rate.

According to Counter Research, with the boosted shipment of Smartphones up to 3% in the second quarter of 2016, the global Smartphone arena saw a modest expansion in sale and turnover edge. On the other hand, the Chinese Smartphone vendors like Oppo and Vivo are now listed among top five global Smartphone merchants of the world, which is quite surprising for marketers.

Along with Oppo and Vivo, Huawei with modest sale growth is also recorded among top Smartphone merchants of the world. As per the sourced report, Huawei, Oppo & Vivo have devastated Quarter 2 of 2016 by presenting significant sale rate with the high-end segment of the flagship. According to Counterpoint, the trio of these three companies boosted with a faster pace in comparison to other Smartphone vendor.

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According to the data published by Counterpoint, with a rapid growth of shipment up to 3%, the number of Smartphone shipment reached 360 million units in the second Quarter of 2016. The 70% rise in purchase rate is contributed by the top 10 Smartphone brands which have made all of them extremely overwhelming the current tech marketplace.

As per the report, the highest sale rate was found in South-East Asia while Latin America with least demand declared as the pitiable market for Smartphone sale. However, the high demands for Smartphone in other parts of the world have immensely helped the growth of shipment rate.

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