I am open to time-pass romance and living relationship: Kangana Ranaut

Bindass actress Kangana Ranaut says to media that she is very “open to time-pass romance and living relationship”. Reportedly, she speaks, “When you date, marriage is not on your mind since first you don’t have an understanding of the equation or the relationship. However I am very open to time-pass romance”, Kangana told at the trailer launched of her upcoming romantic comedy film “Katti Batti”.

The actress told to the press very shortly, “She believes in so called time pass romance and living relationship”. “Katti Batti” trailer well received by the audience and the trailer depicts Kangana’s character as someone who believes in living relationship instead of love. She will have time-pass affair in the movie with her co-star Bollywood actor Imran Khan.

The very prestigious National Award winning starlet elaborates about the discussion and she says, “To each to its own. I think it is about how that person makes you feel. If there is trust and faith, then go ahead and take the relationship to the next level”.

About the romantic drama “Katti Batti” she says, “It is a love story but might not end up like a love story. You can’t judge a genre while hearing a narration. It is difficult what the film and my character is about”.

“It (Katti Batti) is a love story but both (Imran and I) both of us have equally important parts. Imran has more screen time than me, but that doesn’t mean one particular character is weak”, the dazzling diva stated.

She impressed with her co-star Imran Khan and about him she says, “Imran is a delight to work with. He is always balanced. He never loses his coo. He is very calm. He will shouting at one moment and next moment he will giggle”.
Nikhil Advani is directing the movie and UTV is producing it.

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