OnePlus to fuse Oxygen and Hydrogen OS for more powerful ROM

OnePlus to fuse Oxygen and Hydrogen OS for more powerful ROM

The customized patterns of Android-based ROMs are the specialties of top three Chinese Smartphone conglomerates including Huawei, Xiaomi, and OnePlus. But now, OnePlus is reported to chipping away on merging two distinctive Operating Systems to manufacture a single mobile Operating System, which will be implemented in future OnePlus Smartphones.

During an interview with XDA, OnePlus has revealed this fact that; the company is working on the scheme to combine the two operating systems for building a single and more powerful one. For now, this pipelined OS is named as ‘Community Build 3.5.1’. Though this new OS is already available for download and installation, but it can be expect it to be pram. Still now, OnePlus hasn’t yet decided the official name for this new innovative ROM and is working on setting up a name soon.

During the meeting, OnePlus confirmed that, it is merging two Android-based Operating Systems like Oxygen OS and Hydrogen OS to make a new one, which will deliver faster updates. Both ROMs – Oxygen OS and Hydrogen OS are owned by OnePlus. While Oxygen OS is designed for serving to the global Smartphone market, Hydrogen OS is pretty loaded and is intended only for Chinese marketplace.

But now, with the combining plan, OnePlus is working on the availability of both OS to global users of OnePlus models. As per the interview report, OnePlus is not only planning for uniting both ROMs, but also is preparing for merging both teams behind Oxygen OS and Hydrogen OS.

According to OnePlus, The main benefit of combining our team resources is to speed up software updates. We know we have some room to continue improving there, and this is an important step in the right direction.”

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