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OnePlus has announced that it is offering an extended warranty and an accidental cover with its OnePlus 2 smartphone at a nominal price. It further revealed that the extended one-year warranty, B2X Service will cost Rs. 999 to the customers, while, to buy the accidental cover, B2X Protect, users have to pay Rs. 1,299 at Amazon India.

The company said in a statement in a blog post, “B2X is the authorized service partner for OnePlus products in India and will assist the customer in case of a device related issue which is serviced or repaired by authorized experts only.”

In addition to it, OnePlus had earlier announced that it is closing the reservation portal from October 22, as the invite waiting list has already crossed a 5 million mark. The company further explained, “the OnePlus 2 Invite Reservation List will no longer be taking new entries. Those who have already signed up will receive theirs based on their place in line as we roll out invites chronologically.”

To avail the Service Plan, customers are required to buy it within 30 days of purchase of the OnePlus 2 unit. They also “have to register at B2X Care within 7 days of purchase by providing relevant purchase details. The customers will be sent across a physical document/pack post the formalities. After purchasing the service, please keep an eye out for a “Welcome Email” from B2X to get your product registered,” OnePlus further added.

Any coverage or support under B2X Plans may be denied ‘if the registration is not done within the stipulated time period.’

Previously, OnePlus 2 was available for purchase in an open sale for one hour at Amazon in several countries including India. Later on next day, the e-commerce firm has put the device again on the open sale under its The Great Indian Festive Sale.

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B2X Service

With the B2X Service option, users can get free service for the ‘2016 flagship killer’ handset for one more year, other than the one-year of manufacturer warranty that comes with the handsets. On the purchase of OnePlus 2, users ‘are entitled to a manufacturer’s warranty for the device for up to a year from the date of purchase’. While, in exchange of Rs. 999, users will get a plan that ‘covers all defects that are covered under manufacturer’s warranty for another more year after the expiry of the original manufacturer’s warranty for the device.’

B2X Protect

The B2X Protect variant allows the customers to get service on their damaged phone, within a year from purchase. In exchange of Rs. 1,299 users will get the plan, covering ‘accidental, physical & liquid damage to your OnePlus 2 device during the first year of the product purchase.’


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  • Paresh Dhirubhai Dudhat

    Dear writers its 1299 INR not 12,999. for B2X protect.

    • The TeCake

      Thanks for your concern.