NDA government which is often perceived as a biased government is believed by BJP Minority wing head Abdul Rasheed Ansari as a government which has removed the misapprehensions of the Muslim Community.

Ansari talked about the Modi’s convention with Muslim leaders and referred to the rise in BJP membership from minority communities.

According to Ansari, before the elections several efforts were made by the rivals to create distress amongst minority communities. However, the developments in the one year rule and impartial approach of work with the aim of ‘sabka sath, sabka vikas’ have proved that those misapprehensions were foully generated.

Ansari believes that Bhartiya Janta Party has been more efficient in its work for minorities rather than the previous Congress led UPA government

According to Ansari the large number of people from Muslim community who joined BJP is a testimony to the fact that Modi government has worked on the issues of minority rather than simply talking about them and this makes them better than the previous regime.

Ansari considers Modi’s recent meeting with 30 Islamist leaders as a good beginning. He referred to PM Modi’s previous meetings with Christian leaders and Muslim leaders, which Ansari believes is symbolic of government’s open hands for all as equals

Modi gave strong assurances to the Muslim community when he met the Muslim leaders recently and confirmed that his government will do all the needful for the community.

BJP’s minority morcha has recently got 30 lakh new members when its membership drive was organized. Ansari stated that it was difficult to give a break up of this number in terms of community.

Ansari said that though we know that about 30 lakh new enrollments have been there but it is not et possible to determine the exact figures of how many of them belong to Muslim or Christian community.


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