One of the largest and heaviest dinosaur had just 6.3 cm long brain

UK resaerchers have found one of the most complete braincase of Titanosaur.  While examining the case researchers noted that the dubble decker bus sized sauropod dinosaur had brain of the size of tennis ball which 6.3 cm long. The braincase of titanosaur that lived nearly 72 million years ago could reveal important things about the creatures of Jurassic era like how their brain operated, what were their sensory abilities, how smart they were and how they interacted with other dinosaurs.

With the help of unearthed braincase and advanced computer technology, researchers were able to map the internal structure of the brain. They reconstructed the brain along with cranial nerves and some blood vessels. What computer model showed, puzzled the researchers as the brain of such gigantic creature was way smaller than expected suggesting their low intelligence level.

It is to be noticed that not so many braincases in such a good condition are available for research as these cases are so delicate that they don’t survive for millions of year unlike bones.

Dr Fabien Knoll from The University of Manchester said that since dinosaurs got extinct millions of years ago, very little information is available on their brain. The complete braincase will help researchers in developing a better understanding of cognitive skills of these massive creatures.

Titanosaur was a kind of sauropod which can be distinguished with its long neck, a long tail, and herbivorous nature. Sauropods are considered as the one the heaviest creature ever to walk on Earth. Researchers estimate their weight to be around 90 tonnes. Still it is very astonishing as weel as mind boggling to know that one of the largest and heaviest creature of all time had a brain size of just 6.3 cm.

Knoll further added that his team is expecting few more such braincases which will reveal more details and help better understand about the behaviours and activities of dinosaurs.

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