One dead and six children hospitalized after consuming anti-polio vaccine in Bihar

A routine immunization schedule led to the death of a two-month-old girl while six children were hospitalized at Shahpur village near Hajipur in Vaishali district on Saturday. The incident took place after anti-polio vaccine was given to the children by the government hospital.

Sonali Kumari, daughter of a farmer died after getting immunized by anti-polio injection, reported Ramashish Kumar, Civil Surgeon of Vaishali. He further added that Friday was a routine immunization process and vaccine were given to children to prevent diseases like hepatitis B and polio. As many as 14 children were vaccinated that day.

Also, six other children caught fever and were admitted to the hospital soon after the news caught fire. Apart from fever, these children also developed diarrhoea and had vomiting several times, reported one of the relative of hospitalised children.

Dr N K Sinha, State immunization officer said that after getting vaccinated the girl went to the home and slept but failed to see the morning light. May be the baby girl died of cold as it was raining heavily, he said. While other children were admitted because of hue and cry. He further added that other children have been discharged. Untill now it isn’t clear what actually caused the death, however, postmortem of the dead body has been conducted and officials are waiting for the report as it will unravel the mystery of death.

Only the postmortem report will make it clear whether it was the vaccine or something else behind the death. Meanwhile, deceased girl’s family has lodged an FIR against the hospital.

Moreover, Bihar has been polio-free state since last four year as reported by World Health Organisation (WHO). Bihar saw last polio case back in 2011.

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