OLA integrated with iOS10: Facilitating iPad and iPhone users to book cabs through Siri

OLA integrated with iOS10: Facilitating iPad and iPhone users to book cabs through Siri

The operating system, iOS 10 has brought so many exciting features and new additions for all the users of Apple gadgets. Accompanying innovative highlights, bug fixings, and some new features, iOS 10 has enabled Apple users as well as other firms to tip on technological advancements. Ola – the online cab booking organization has started rolling out its latest upgraded version with the integration of Siri for iPhone and iPad users in India.

Booking Ola cabs with Siri integration has become much easier than ever before. With the new iOS version, the iPad and iPhone users can give a voice command for OLA cab booking. IPhone and iPad users using their Apple gadgets on iOS 10 only need to say “Hello Siri, get me an Olacab” and following the voice command, Siri will book Ola cabs for their next ride. With the integration of Apple Maps and Siri, Ola has introduced this new voice commanding option for its esteemed users in India. This will enable the users most convenient cab booking with completely integrated Siri support.

In addition to the voice assistance of Siri, Ola also introduces the 3D Touch feature which will allow the Ola users to get quick access to Ola App. Moreover, it also enables users to book rides through Apple Maps and Apple Watch.

Along with Ola, Skype, the popular video chat site also has allowed Siri integration with the new iOS 10 updates. The Skype users can use Siri to start a conversation quickly. Through voice command assistance of Siri, Skype users start their video calls from their locked mobiles. Along with this, this new updated version of Skype will also allow the users pay Skype Credits, invite friends from contact list without opening the mobile, quick start Skype calls, and much more.

While addressing to the press, Ola unveiled that Phone users who are operating their Apple devices on iOS 10 with the latest update of Ola can ask Siri to book cabs on behalf of them. The Upgrade version also incorporates the integration of Apple Maps and Apple Watch which is intended to drive more focus to Ola’s developing edge in India.

On this matter, the co-founder of Ola, Mr. Ankit Bhati said that technology is the core of every solution provided by Ola and with the integration of Apple’s knowledge navigator and personal assistance Siri, Ola is stepping forward toward creating a more refined and convenient platform for its users, all over India.

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