Ola Cabs launches on demand auto rickshaws service

Ola Cabs Auto Rickshaw on demand service

Ola cabs have launched a new service that now allows you to call for an auto rickshaw from your smartphone app. Currently available with a troop of auto rickshaws spread across the capital, Ola cabs now offer you doorstep auto rickshaw service with a bare convenience charge of ten rupees.

Using your smartphone app, one can quickly call for the nearest auto rickshaw. The waiting time for the service to arrive on an average is nearly 15 minutes, however, in some regions the service isn’t that well. For example if we talk about the colonies and societies located on the other side of the Yamuna river and the areas such as Mayur Vihar Extension, density of Ola auto rickshaws is considerably low and can be hard for one to find a ride.

Ola Cabs auto rickshaws


The service is in its initial stages and needs some time to get matured enough to handle more and more request from a number of regions. Sometimes it’s next to impossible to book an auto rickshaw in these areas, also during the night time Ola isn’t capable of providing you with a ride.

Talking about this new addition in the app, the rickshaw icon when tapped on turns into a yellow-green color, and luckily there haven’t been any issues or bugs in the app yet. The ride is just as usual, and the auto rickshaw picks you at the nearest possible location, which sometimes is also your doorstep.

One good thing about this new service is that these auto rickshaws go by the meter, and are required to be settled in cash, you cannot apply any cash discount coupons or use Ola Money for these rides. Here the Ola cabs are only acting as a middle man in between you and the auto rickshaw.

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