Toilet seats are even MORE hygienic than a tea bag in office: Research

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If you have the tea addiction, make sure you do not crave for the tea in office and if you do then better go outside in breaks and have a cup at tea stall because I am going to tell you a sad fact which even a research has proved about the office hygiene. The teabags at your workplace are more unhygienic than a toilet seat.

Yes, you read that right. As per the recent study office-tea bags contain 17 times more germs than a toilet seat. Where the average bacterial reading of the office teabag was 3,785, the bacterial reading for the toilet seat is only 220.

Meanwhile, the research was performed by the Initial Washroom Hygiene. Moreover, the analysis was based on the bacterial readings of kitchen utensils and appliances, and the results were shocking. While mentioning the reading of highest bacteria, the kettle handles top the list with the reading of 2,483. Along with it the rim of the used mug was having 1,746 bacterial reading and fridge door handle had 1,592 reading.

The poll of 1000 workers was also conducted for the research, and the result showed that around 80 percent of people do not wash their hands before making the drinks. Even, one in three employees do not clean the containers, and one in twenty give his colleagues the wrong mugs.

The workers should be aware of the hygienes levels in the office’s kitchen. The many different hands which touch the things like tea bag box lid, mugs, kettle handle and other stuff have the possible potential of cross infection, as stated by Dr Peter Barratt of Initial Washroom Hygiene.

Dr Barratt suggested that by the use of anti-bacterial wipes on kitchen surfaces and the constant washing the mugs is the best way to maintaining a healthy workforce. Therefore, office hygiene is the responsibility of all and to make sure that you do not play an active role in spreading bacteria. Always make sure to wash the hands before making the drinks and aware your colleagues too.

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