Oculus Giving Out Oculus Rift's Kickstarter Edition to initial supporters

Oculus has gone a long way and during pre-order launch, the company has taken the decision of giving back something to the backers who have been supporting them since the start. This maker of VR headset has decided to give out Oculus Rift VR’s Kickstarter Edition for free to initial backers.

The announcement of the same was made on Kickstarter, where it all began. People who had supported this project in the initial days would be receiving an email with regards to how one can be obtained for Free. Talking about the availability, special edition headsets can be obtained from the 1st of February.

If you are from a country wherein the Oculus is not shipping these headsets, special privileges can be obtained as a backer. Kickstarter would send an Email that contains all the details. The only confusion is with the Touch Controllers, which the founder of Oculus, Palmer Luckey stated would be available along with VR headset.

The headset works perfectly with Xbox controllers. 2-3 hours from now, Oculus will hit a big milestone of pre-order going live. Now, Facebook owns this company which has gone a long way. While there are many indications that VR will be big this year, not all systems would be supportive of it.

There is even a webpage of Oculus wherein gaming systems are being branded under the ‘Oculus Ready’ standard. Last year, it was heard that just 1 percent of the PCs globally can run VR headsets for delivering optimal experience. Content is another problem. As of now, a copy of EVE:Valkyrie and Lucky’s Tale would be given with every pre-order. On the other hand, Sony is comfortable in development of content for PlayStation VR platform.

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