Obama will be the Guest of Honour this Republic Day

Obama Modi meet
Obama-Modi meet

Strengthening the India-US bonds, US president Barrack Obama, has accepted Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s invitation give his benign presence as a chief guest on prestigious Republic Day of India, on 26 January.

Obama accepted after Modi sent an invitation to the white house highlighting the strong ties that Modi made on his visit to US last month.

The White House said “At the invitation of Prime Minister Modi, the President will travel to India in January 2015 to participate in the Indian Republic Day celebration in New Delhi as the Chief Guest.”

“This visit will mark the first time a US president will have the honour of attending Republic Day, which commemorates the adoption of India’s constitution.”

The House also said in its statement “The president will meet with the prime minister and Indian officials to strengthen and expand the US-India strategic partnership.”

Modi’s highly successful visit to US this September also strengthened the US-India relations and now US president being the chief guest of Indian Republic Day is an icing on the cake. US senators termed this visit of Modi as “extraordinarily successful” and the US president, Obama said the US-India relation has come “a remarkable distance”

We’ve just had the extraordinarily successful visit of Prime Minister Modi here to the United States, and an agenda that is working across virtually every issue of importance to us with India that we’re carrying forward,” Anthony Blinken, nominee for US Deputy Secretary of State, told Senators during his confirmation hearing.

Previously Obama has also mentioned Modi as a “man of action” when they met on the sidelines of G20 summit in Brisbane Nov 14.

Modi tweeted on Friday, indicating that the leaders of world’s oldest democracy and world’s largest democracy will share the views in Lal Quila on 26, January, 2015 “This Republic Day, we hope to have a friend over…invited President Obama to be the 1st US President to grace the occasion as Chief Guest.”

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