Obama and Modi in line with working against religious inequality

US President Barack Obama’s visit to the country this fall has been seen as an indication of US approaching for a friendly handshake. Obama wishes to work with PM Modi on the religious equality that is prevailing in both the nations.

New York-based Sikh for Justice launched an online petition, which got more than 1,25,000 signatures for the petition, urged Obama to raise the issue of “Sikh Genocide” and “Sikhs’ Right to Self-determination” when travelling to India and talk about it to Modi.

“In both our countries, in India and in America, our diversity is our strength” President Obama said during his visit to India, while discussing the rules against religious inequality with PM Modi on January 27 during his speech at Siri Fort in New Delhi. The white house also commented on this that they are willing to work with India for this cause and not just India and America, but the whole world.

Modi has had his own agenda in hand and has announced that, “My government will ensure that there is complete freedom of faith and that everyone has the undeniable right to retain or adopt the religion of his or her choice without coercion or undue influence.”

Both the nations are planning to work hand in hand towards a religion tolerant society where there are no discrepancies based on which caste a person belongs to or which religion a person follows.

Although there had been cases registered against Modi for 2002 Gujrat riots where he was incapable of handling the religious tensions that led to a blood bath in Gujrat. Although, we all know that Modi is a very strategic and apt leader, and he will not be repeating the same mistake twice. We sure hope that this time religion freedom becomes a religion that everyone follows so that the respect and dignitary alliances can be formed among countrymen.

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