Obama, on 18th February’s White House summit on countering violent extremism, has urged the world to broaden its perspective towards violence and that not all Muslims are terrorists.

President Barack Obama in his wake to prevent terrorism from booming to the broil in America has come up with the strategy to embrace its Muslim immigrants in order to invoke trust and loyalty among the Muslims in the USA.

He stated that the reason, why the terrorist communities like ISIS and Boko Haram haven’t been able to penetrate the USA is that because there they welcome every immigrant with the same level of care which includes a fair amount of Muslims also.

He also said that the USA is not at war with Islam, and it has no strategies to destroy or pollute their religious beliefs. He is against those people who have given the world a wrong impression of Islam.

“Al Qaeda and ISIL, (ISIL) and groups like it, are desperate for legitimacy. They try to portray themselves as religious leaders, holy warriors in defense of Islam,” he said. This is how they recruit the people for terrorism, by false guiding them into a sea of chaos and confusion where what they say is right and what they do is legit.

These people aren’t the defenders of Islam but hidden monsters under the mask of Holy leaders, trying to provoke the people into doing their bidding. The only agenda such people hold is that they wish to spread violence, and their thinking imposed on the world in the name of God.

Obama has addressed to Muslims that they need to stay strong and shouldn’t let organizations like ISIS and Boko Haram scar their religion and identity. For you may be a Muslim but you are not a terrorist.

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