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With a new 10-nanometer process against Intel’s 14-nanometer, Qualcomm is all set to dominate the Smartphone processing industry with its smaller yet more powerful 835 chip, unveiled at CES 2017.

The company also cited their five area of focus through this new chip; battery life, virtual/augmented reality immersion, image and video capture, connectivity and security. This time, it has also got technological advancement to support the biometric scan of the fingerprint, eye and face. Also, to provide a better range of connection and speed, it is now the first certified commercial technology to support the latest Bluetooth 5 standard.

With Snapdragon X16 LTE modem inside, users can now enjoy the lightning fast speed of download and upload; 1 GB/sec of downloading speed and 150 MB/sec of uploading speed. To help developers and software manufacturers in incorporating rich photography, an upgraded software framework for neural processing has been designed in the Snapdragon 835.

The makers are also optimistic on its capability on opening new paths in the way for Virtual and Augmented reality. The chip is programmed with dynamic machine learning application to facilitate VR users to view movies and videos, play games and read articles and books, among other uses.

The latest SoC which eats 35% less space than the previous Snapdragon 820 version can promise strong security and privacy protection and personal assistance.

According to Francisco Cheng, Qualcomm’s director of technical marketing, the chip will mark the start of a new era of intelligence. He also told how important it has now become for our mobile devices to carry a smaller, faster and more energy efficient chipset. He cited all the above said facts on the company’s Snapdragon blog.

In CES 2017, Snapdragon delivered their 5G version for the future. To enable the same, the company had announced the Snapdragon X50 5G modem late last year.

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