Health ministry and Student Union to warn about effects of tobacco in Delhi Fest

Now programs in College fest to create awareness about tobacco abuse

With an aim of creating awareness among Indian citizens about harmful effects of tobacco and cigarettes, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare along with student union will organise several programs in different colleges located in the national capital New Delhi.

According to reports, anti-smoking campaign will start from the Shri Ram College of Commerce in which students will tell people about the adverse effects of smoking and passive smoking as well. They will also motivate smokers to quit smoking and several methods to try if they find it difficult to quit.

The initiative is being taken by the health ministry after seeing the alarming data showing that youth and women are the biggest consumers of tobacco. Government estimates show that over 5,500 youth start using tobacco every day. A total of 34.6 percent adults use tobacco in some form or the other, out of which 47.9 per cent are males and 20.3 per cent females.

While data from previous studies suggest that 25.8 percent women start using tobacco in any form before the age of 15 while the average age for men to start using tobacco was found to be around 17.8 years.

Last year the health ministry allocated about 60 crores for anti-tobacco campaigns. However, this year they have cut the wealth by third and now only 20 crore fund is available to create awareness and Tobacco control under its National Tobacco Control Programme (NTCP) in 2015-16.

It seems increased prices and enlarged pictorial warning on the packs have no major effect on the brains of smokers. They still continue to smoke with the same way. According to a study, one in every 10 people die of tobacco abuse. One out of 20 women and one out every five men aged between 30 and 69 die in India due to smoking beedi and cigarettes.

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