Now get your dinner ready with Google: Order pasta to pizza by Google search

Now get your dinner ready with Google: Order pasta to pizza by Google search

Google, the tech monster has brought up a new feature for its foodie users who are looking for a convenient food order and restaurant table reservation. Today, Google has announced its latest feature through which users can order lunch and dinner directly from Google Search result page. Moreover, it also facilitates the users to book tables at their favorite restaurants directly through Google.

Google in its official blog post has written that ‘from today, Google will allow its users to book and order table from the search page directly. When they find nearest restaurants in Google, it will facilitate the users an option to place an order for food online. They only need to tap and choose the preferred delivery systems like Zamato and Swiggy, and the search page will direct the users to the order page of the particular website for placing an online order.
This new feature will also allow the users to book a table in advance through Google. By selecting the online reservation sites like Dine out and Bytplus, Google will direct the searchers to the website of its food partners and users eventually can directly book their table for lunch or dinner quickly.

One of the Google Blog Post revealed that users could use both Google Search and Google App for their dining option and food order. This feature will be applicable for both Android and iOS users and users using the Google Search and the Google app; can place their order for lunch and dinner via Zomato and Swiggy. Moreover, they also can book their dine table in their favorite table with Dine out and Bytplus.

Google in the event of launching its new feature also announced about a survey for getting the reviews of individuals on different food joints and restaurants. By searching manually, one can post the review and photos of the restaurant and answer the generic questions asked in the survey.

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