Now artificial machines would brook scary nightmares with AI technology

Now artificial machines would brook scary nightmares with AI technology

We have come a long way in exploiting advanced technologies, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) is one of the state-of-the-art technologies used for moving and manipulating objects. Now, researchers using this Artificial Intelligence Technology developed a machine that can create the scariest possible visuals. A group of scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has invented a ground-breaking device called “Nightmare Machine” that uses AI to create the frightening oculars.

Integrated with Artificial Intelligence, this Nightmare Machine involves an algorithm to produce forbidding portrayals of human visages and buildings. When asked about the Nightmare Machine, Pinar Yanardag, a researcher from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab said, the primary aim of developing this device is to investigate the familiar dread stimulated by intelligent computers. Taking the story further, he added, we, with the innovative Nightmare Machine wanted to brazen out the nervousness motivated by Artificial Intelligence, and at the same time examine if a PC is able to understand and visualise what makes people frightened or not.

According to Manuel Cebrian, the chief research scientist at CSIRO in Australia said, the developers of this instrument integrated “deep learning” system – a structure that impersonates the neural acquaintances in the brain of a human being, in order to educate a computer to capture and visualise what makes a person scared.

Cebrian also said that the Deep-learning algorithms, throughout a number of tasks which are considered to be impossible or difficult, perform amazingly. Though, the machine still is prone to a number of improvements and additions, some of the faces enriched in it already look really frightening. Once deep-learning algorithms identified with the visual components that were believed to be ghostly, they started applying those styles to the imagery of human being and buildings, which ended up being chilling elements.

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