Notices sent to 89 hospitals in Delhi over skewed sex ratio

Notices sent 89 hospitals over poor sex ratio

Due to shockingly low sex ratio found in a survey, Delhi govt has sent notice to 89 hospitals in the capital. Notice contains several questions over skewed sex ratio.

Average sex ratio in Delhi  at birth is 896 females for every 1,000 males. However, some hospitals in the capital were found deviate very much from the average. Some hospitals were found to have sex ratio of 285:1000 to birth. Delhi already has very poor sex ratio and these hospitals discourage even more, said  Delhi Health Minister Satyandar Jain.

Jain further added that hospital-based survey of sex ratio at Delhi has never been conducted in the past. After AAP govt. came into power, they decided to conduct the survey to monitor the variations on the basis of hospitals. For this, a team from the Directorate of Family Welfare examined birth and death records of every hospitals in Delhi. However, they were astonished to such striking and erroneous variations in some hospitals where they had less 300 females on 1000 boys at birth.

When asked the names of the hospitals, Jain said that he is not disclosing the names of the hospitals as of now. However, an investigation will go on and if the hospitals are found guilty then names will be released in the public and they will face the court of law. He also pointed out that it cannot be just a matter of chance since so many hospitals have low sex ratio.

“We are not disclosing the names of the centres yet because only notices have been issued until now. We will take the next step after we receive their replies and go through them,” said Jain.“Such a grossly poor sex ratio cannot be a matter of chance. If it were a matter of chance, only one or two such hospitals would be identified. But we have a very big number here.”

Notices were given to hospitals where sex ratio was less than 800 females per 1000 boys. Govt has been given a time period of 10 days to respond to the queries on the registration process and facilitating Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP).

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