After Note 7, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge blows up while charging in the US

After Note 7, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge blows up while charging in the US

The Galaxy Note 7 is departed and left the Korean Giant Samsung to stand in the middle of hurdles. After so many attempts from the company to keep the controversies far away from its devices, the disaster seems to keep on haunting Samsung ultimately, as, in the most recent weeks, a number of instances of the Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone bursting into fire have been registered. And the latest case of fire catch by Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is reported to happen in Canada. As reported by Android Headlines, a user of Galaxy S7 Edge, Elisha Loewen posted a photo of Galaxy S7 edge on Google+, which is found to be completely busted into the fire.

Controversies for Korean Multinational Samsung seem to be unstoppable, and each week, new instances of fire catch-up of Samsung handsets are grabbing the headlines. Due to several cases of the sudden blast, battery explodes and overheating; Samsung recently has phased out the production of its recently launched smartphone ‘Galaxy Note 7’, the phenomenon of another smartphone blast while charging has come to the forefront, making the qualms about the capabilities of Samsung more intense.

As per the reports of Android Headline, Elisha Loewen, the user had put his Galaxy S7 Edge in charge, and it suddenly burst into fire automatically. To the confirmed source, the user had put the phone in the charge with the original Samsung Charger overnight, and suddenly it caught up the fire. As sourced by PhoneArena, the user got this flamed Galaxy S7 Edge as the replacement of Galaxy Note 7 after the company announced the phase-down the process of Note 7 all over the world.

The pictures 7 Edge have been posted by the user on Google+ and some other leading tech news sites, from which it apparently looks like an unrepeatable gadget. The screen of the phone has blasted completely, and fractures are clearly visible. The Golden colour Galaxy S7 Edge doesn’t seem to be amendable.

According to Elisha Loewen, the claimed owner of the blasted unit of Galaxy S7 Edge, the phone trapped flames while he was on the road back home from his work. He further added I found a stink of burning and thought it was the engine of the vehicle. But suddenly, I found the smoke coming from the place where I usually keep my phone. It was scorching when I picked it up, and after that, I threw it out the car glass. However, he confirmed that the fire catch up event caused no harm to him, neither his car. Loewen now is directly dealing with the parental company Samsung on this matter and has already sent out the photos of the detonated unit. Till now, he hasn’t got any response from Samsung and is waiting for it, added by Loewen.

This is not the first incident of Galaxy S7 Edge to catch fire. Previously, a number of fire incidents have come to the frontline and now it is time to Samsung should take the safety issues more seriously and organize a voluntary recall process for its risky “Galaxy S7Edge”.

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