Not once, UFO seen twice on Moon eight frames apart, Watch video

Not once, UFO seen twice on Moon eight frames apart, Watch video

This could be the ultimate proof that UFO lingers around the Moon and they love to explore lunar surface as alien hunters have spotted UFO flying over Moon. Not only once, but the same UFO was seen twice in a video just eight frames apart which is a confirmation of existence of aliens, says alien enthusiasts.

Youtuber Streetcap1 is known to spot aliens and mysterious objects and this time he has spotted UFO flying near Moon. He has uploaded a video on his Youtube channel in which he has zoomed in the image making it easier for everyone to see the bright flying disk just above the lunar surface.

“There is no proof that this is the same craft on these Apollo 17 archive pictures, but my guess is that it is, as it’s similar in size and color etc,” wrote Youtuber in the description.

The remarkable discovery was made while scanning the images captured during Apollo mission which took humans to the moon. Alien buffs believe that aliens were observing the activities of astronauts that were present on the lunar surface during Apollo missions.

“This disk does have smaller orbs attached to 3 sides of it, but one side has no orbs so I assume this is the cockpit viewing area or control bridge. Therefore the aliens were in perfect position to observe the actions of the Apollo17 astronauts,” says UFOlogist Scott C Waring on his blog UFO Sightings Daily.

Watch the stunning video below:

Previously, alien hunters have discovered alien face resting near alien base located on the Copernicus Crater, two missiles in military formation on Moon, Circular UFO on Moon, Alien missile or UFO on Moon during Apollo 11 mission, and several other mysterious objects that suggest aliens do live.

More importantly, November 14, 2016, witnessed largest supermoon in 69 years which was a delight to watch for everyone as the moon appeared 15 percent brighter and bigger. Meanwhile, alien hunters spotted UFO flying in front of the supermoon.

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