Nokia set to make a comeback at the MWC: Rumored N series is about to steal the show

nokia n95

Nokia is again rumored to have chalked a plan for making a comeback at the MWC scheduled for 26 February this year. It has been years since Nokia has represented itself in the smartphone arena, especially after its short stint, back in 2011.

The crux of the matter, as always, is what Nokia going to offer if the rumors are to be believed. The once Symbian mobile giant, Nokia is believed to be working on placing its one of the most successful offerings i.e. Nokia N series back in the market. Of course, there would be ample facelift that the product itself would be seeing. Last in the series that was introduced by Nokia was the N95. But the series was not available for mass production; rather it relied only on the developer-only segment of the market.

However, this time Nokia is believed to have made some strides in making the N95 a hit among the masses by launching a version that sports a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. But then the tech gurus are rather skeptic about the news as there haven’t been any official statements from Nokia or HMD global as such.

The piece of rumor also claims that the N95, which never made an entry as such for the wider market across the globe and kept itself restricted to the developers only would now be manufactured on a scale as large as 50 million units for distribution by HMD global. Cynics continue to be skeptic about the logistical as well as the technical capabilities of the device given the fact that the HMD global is a rather new entity in the smartphone manufacturing arena.

With such teasers, it can surely be said that smartphone geeks wait with bated breath for 26the February to find out whether Nokia indeed succeeds in stealing the show with the N950 or is at making just another attempt at flogging the dead horse.

The android market has just begun to heat up this year with news like Android Nougat reaching the 1 percent milestone and several smartphone makers making news for getting bigger better and meaner devices, things might take up a more interesting turn this year. Stay tuned for further updates.

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