NOAA Confirms First Half of 2017 to Be Earth’s 2nd Warmest Year in Last 120 Years

NOAA Confirms First Half of 2017 to Be Earths 2nd Warmest Year in Last 120 Years

The half of 2017 is yet to be completed, and a new report, published by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has recorded the first half of the year to be Earth’s second hottest year in the last 120 years.

According to the latest data, published by NOAA on Tuesday this week, in the last 120 years, the first of 2017 is recorded to be the second warmest year on earth. The list is topped by 2016 when earth experienced the scorching temperature all through the years and following this, 2017 is officially confirmed as the second warmest year on earth.  Adding further to the report, NOAA also has highlighted that; there are many strong reasons to worry as June 2017 is recorded as the 41st successive June and the 390th consecutive month where the temperatures nominally remained over the average temperature of the 20th century. The report also has claimed that, among different continents, Africa had the hottest June on record this year.

As the report claims, the average temperature of the earth, in between January and June 2017 was 14.4 degrees Celsius, which is nearly 1.6 degrees hotter than the average temperature level of the 20th century. The report also claimed that the first half of 2017, including June, is also listed among the top three warmest months for the particular period. While the first semester of the same period of 2016 experienced 0.16 degrees Celsius higher temperature than the current year and is placed as the hottest year on earth, the same phase of 2017 is ahead of 2015 by 0.05 degrees Celsius and is recorded as the second warmest year in the land.

As said by Ahira Sanchez-Lugo, a climate scientist at NOAA to Climate Central, “After the cry off of the strong El Nino, the temperature level was expected to drop a little bit, and 2017 was supposed to be rank among the top five hottest years. But our estimation went wrong, and 2017 turned out to be extremely remarkable, in terms of its temperature of its first half only.

Adding to the statement, she said, “It is quite fortunate that 2017, in its first half only, is ranked as the second warmest year of the century, while we are expecting it to remain in at least the top three warmest years by its concluding phase.” As the report highlights, 2017 is still recounting and its possible to become the hottest year on record can’t be denied. If it does not happen, then 2017, for sure will remain among top three warmest years on record.

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