‘No Man’s Sky’ achieves new goal, still ranks lower: Steam

No Man's Sky

‘No Man’s Sky’ in its earlier days was claimed to be one of the most buzzed games. It is a game that claimed to allow the players to experience the most stunning exploration of sci-fi fantasies. Though it doesn’t have effective weapons, a scripted activity set piece, or a Super Bowl-prepared promoting effort, yet has managed to impress gamers a little bit. No Man’s Sky has come a long way to impress the players all over the world, but it came to limelight for the allegation of false advertisements.

However, over time, the game managed to boost up its rank and has become able to create a clean image in front of the gamers. But after following all the tricks and innovations to purify its stained track record, No Man’s Sky failed to improve its rank, according to Stream Reviews.

Earlier this week, Steam Reviewed the game ‘No Man’s Sky’ to be the least evaluated game, pushing the game again to the bottom bunch. The game, for now, is sitting on 5,756 recent surveys of which just 12% had given positive views to the game.

Most gamers and game gurus have recognised this game as an ‘Overwhelmingly Negative’ game, which in other ways have dragged the game towards another downfall. It is well-known to all that the game is vigorously scrutinized taking after cases of false publicizing and Hello Games’ maintain a mysterious silence over this matter, and this has made the game so brutally seen by the gamers?

Steam has published a report on the reviews of the favorite games, and according to the released statement from GameRant, No Man’s Sky is tagged with an “overwhelmingly negative” label following the negative reviews of the gamers and steam reviews. As per the Steam reviews, the development team of Steam have had apparently continuous complaints about the game and reported the players expressing their aggravations associated with ‘No Man’s Sky.’ The reviews also stated that No Man’s Sky, despite the very fundamental gameplay, has proved to be the worst game ever to found.

The Game in its initiate days has promised the gamers to witness a different kind of space adventure practice with the concepts of the game but failed to deliver so, which made it quickly targeted by the activist and gamers of the world. Over time, the game alleged with abhorrence and dissatisfaction by the gamers. Tagged with $60 price tag, No Man’s Sky was used to be the worst game and fans claimed the game not to live up to its cost. The latest Steam Reviews declared the game to be overwhelmingly negative. The game has received a total amount of 5,756 reviews among which only about 12% were encouraging.

There is no clue whether the game will manage to recover from the dark downfall or not in the near future.

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